Automation Script Is Delayed

Sorry for the long delays getting the automation script to you. I’ve been totally overloadedwith projects the last few months so I haven’t been able to work on the automation script until now.

I hope you understand, I’m doing all the work myself and dealing with my local business customers at the same time. So needless to say I’m always very busy. I’m always open to working with other people so if you’re interested in helping in whatever way let me know.

The issue with getting the automation script out isn’t about it working instead thereĀ is a licencing challenge.

I had really hoped to give the automation script out for free to all beta testers but that just isn’t possible. Everyone would need to pay for a full copy to run my script on their computer, and that simply isn’t acceptable to me at all.

That means I need to rewrite the automation script using a different program, a program that will allow me to compile the script I write into a stand alone exe that I can distribute freely to anyone at whatever price I decide to charge. For beta testers that would be free.

So the rewrite of the automation script has been delayed. The good news is that I did fix a few bugs in the management system and can get onto rewriting the automation script now. It also appears that my other projects will not come knocking at my door for a bit therefore I can focus on getting the new automation script done asap.

I also want to send out updates more often to let everyone know whats going on. I put up a blog and will start posting to it starting now. I will also put up a support forum hopefully within the week for those who want to ask questions of me and other LLM members.

Let me know if you have any questions

All the best.

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